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Ayn Rand Old Site - 11 - Filmografia

Este o texto da décima primeira página, a Filmografia de Ayn Rand:



We the Living (Drama, 1942-43)

Filmado clandestinamente na Itália durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Título Original: Noi Vivi

Direção: Goffredo Alessandrini

Atores Principais:

Rossano Brazzi

Alida Valli

Fosco Giachetti

Disponível em VHS (duas fitas)

Sinopse (retirada de Yahoo Movies []):

Based on Ayn Rand’s best-selling novel. A woman in revolutionary Russia accepts a communist party member’s advances in order to save the life of the man she really loves. Rand’s anti-communist message valuing the individual over the state interestingly struck just as resonant a chord in fascist Italy. The film was banned (despite its popularity) by Mussolini.

The Fountainhead (Drama, 1949)

Produção: Henry Blanke

Direção: King Vidor

Roteiro: Ayn Rand

Fotografia: Robert Burks

Música: Max Steiner


Gary Cooper no papel de Howard Roark

Patricia Neal no papel de Dominique Francon

Robert Douglas no papel de Ellsworth Toohey

Kent Smith no papel de Peter Keating

Raymond Massey no papel de Gail Wynand

Henry Hull

Filme em branco e preto, 1h49m de duração, Warner Brothers, 1949

Disponível em VHS

Sinopse (retirada de Yahoo Movies []):

Long treasured as a masterpiece of camp, THE FOUNTAINHEAD stars Gary Cooper as architect Howard Roark. A paragon of integrity, he refuses to create buildings that violate his sense of aesthetic value, choosing instead to work as laborer until he can find funding for his own projects. He becomes involved with wealthy Dominique (Patricia Neal), a woman who combines sexual aggressiveness with an abiding belief that a woman must be subdued in order to love. Roark accepts a commission to build a public-housing project provided that no changes be made to his radical design. When a team of architects is employed to humanize his work, the enraged architect blows up the entire complex. He’s placed on trial and is forced to defend the extremity of his action. One of the most unusual artifacts ever to emerge from Hollywood, Ayn Rand’s adaptation of her novel is a contradictory hodgepodge of sub-Nietzschean musing, so laden with wooden rhetoric and hysterical ranting that it could never be mistaken for any speech ever uttered on this planet. The bizarre miscasting of Cooper as an arrogant Ubermann and Patricia Neal as a mildly sadomasochistic intellectual only add to the fun. In the legendary scene in which Dominique watches Roark pound his pneumatic drill into the quarry rockface, there’s no mistaking the beatific look on her face for intellectual excitement.


A. Love Letters (Drama, 1945)

Produção: Hal B. Wallis

Direção: William Dieterle

Roteiro: Ayn Rand

Diretores Artísticos: Hans Dreier e Roland Anderson

Fotografia: Lee Garmes

Música: Victor Young

Atores Principais:

Jennifer Jones

Joseph Cotton

Ann Richards

Gladys Cooper

Anita Louise

Sinopse (retirada de Yahoo Movies []):

Surprisingly, this Gothic romance was chosen as the favorite film of American troops stationed overseas in 1945. It stars Joseph Cotten as Alan Quinton, a thoughtful, world-weary serviceman stationed in Italy during WWII who agrees to write love letters on behalf of his less verbally adept friend Roger (Robert Sully). In the course of his exchanges with Roger’s girlfriend, he finds himself falling in love with her. Roger returns to England and marries the woman and, not long after, is found stabbed to death. Alan, still bearing scars from the war, ends up in rural England and one day happens upon a woman named Singleton (Jennifer Jones). He realizes that she is the woman he wrote to, now suffering from amnesia as a result of her husband’s violent death. The couple fall in love and plan to marry, but Alan must still uncover the mystery of what happened on the day that his friend was murdered and his wife lost her memory. Cotten and Jones have real chemistry, and the expressionistic camarawork of Lee Garmes is brilliant.

B. You Came Along (Drama, Romance, 1945)

Produção: Hal B. Wallis

Direção: John Farrow

Roteiro: Ayn Rand e Robert Smith

Fotografia: Daniel L. Fapp

Atores Principais:

Robert Cummings

Lizabeth Scott

Don DeFore

Charles Drake

Julie Bishop

Kim Hunter

Robert Sully

Hellen Forrest

Rhys Williams

Franklin Pangborn

Minor Watson

Howard Freeman

Andrew Tombes

Preto e Branco, 103 minutos, Paramount Pictures


Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life (Documentário, 1998)

Documentário de Longa Duração indicado para o Oscar de 1998 nessa categoria.

Produção, Direção e Roteiro: Michael Paxton

Narração: Sharon Glass

Atriz Principal: Sharon Glass

Em VHS e DVD, duração: 2h23m.

Sinopse (retirada de Yahoo Movies []):

The first authorized film to look at the life and work of the controversial Russian-born author, writer of such renowned novels as THE FOUNTAINHEAD and ATLAS SHRUGGED. Includes Rand’s early years in Russia, her escape from Communists to New York, and her years of writing on behalf of her political philosophy, Objectivism. Academy Award Nomination, Best Documentary Feature.

[Cf. o livro, mencionado acima, Michael Paxton, Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life – The Companion Book, publicado para acompanhar o filme ( Gibbs Smith, Layton, UT, 1998)] [Cf. o site].

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Transcrito em Salto, 8 de Junho de 2016


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